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Benefits of ScreenKey POS Consoles

There are many benefits of using ScreenKey POS consoles in Point of Sale:

  • Significantly reduce operator and manager training times
  • Operator tasks are more intuitive
  • Improve productivity through increased key input speed
  • Extend the life and functionality of older POS terminals
  • Simplify complex operator & manager key sequences into one macro key
  • Use intuitive natural language prompts
  • Operators do not need to memorise product codes
  • Replace product lookups with intuitive ScreenKey lookups
  • Tender amounts can be entered with a single key stroke
  • ScreenKeys display only valid options, thus eliminating confusion and increasing input speeds
  • Reduce keying errors by leading operators through transactions
  • Support clean-receipt and post-printing solutions
  • Provide operator with discrete messages
  • The implementation of most new functions require no programming skills and may be easily added and maintained by operations staff
Typical Markets for ScreenKey POS Consoles

ScreenKey POS consoles add benefit in all markets using POS systems and are particularly beneficial where operator efficiency and transaction times are crucial. Stores with high training costs or high staff turnover will benefit due to the intuitive nature of using ScreenKey consoles.

Typical markets using ScreenKey POS consoles are:

  • Supermarkets
  • ScreenKeys POS Supermarket lanesSpecialty Stores
  • Food Halls
  • Drug Stores
  • Department Stores