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ScreenKeys - Adding Value to POS Systems

ScreenKey LCD key technology is the perfect input medium for use in Point of Sale Systems where operator accuracy and ease-of-use are of paramount importance.

Point of Sale (POS) operator keyboards increasingly need greater functionality, but this requires ever higher numbers of keys and keying sequences. Unfortunately, more keys means increased customer delays as operators hunt for the correct option, or attempt to remember the correct key input sequence. ScreenKey POS consoles simplify complicated procedures, increase transaction speeds, and decrease operator training cycles.

ScreenKeys LCD key switches allow the user interface to dynamically change with the operator as he/she progresses through the sales transaction.

For example, the tender options may only be displayed to the operator after the operator presses TOTAL. Difficult multi-key press actions can be collected together as a macro function under one ScreenKey keypress and this can be presented to the operator using an intuitive prompt. Discounts, Till Exchange, Voids etc. can all be presented intuitively and simply to thee ScreenKey POS keyboard operator. The interface language (English, Spanish, French, etc.) can even be changed dynamically to accommodate the native language of the operator. Product lookups for non-barcode items can also be implemented simply and easily using the drill-down ScreenKey menus.

Not only are keying errors and shrinkage reduced but training times are also significantly improved. Trainee and inexperienced operators quickly learn the ScreenKey user interface while experienced staff can perform at an even more optimum level.ScreenKey POS large LCD display

Click here to experience a demonstration of how a ScreenKey POS interface can simplify input selections for your checkout operators.

Using ScreenKeys is extremely natural and intuitive for store staff when compared to other POS technologies while offering a wide variety of technology and business benefits.

Multi-function Device

ScreenKey POS consoles incorporate multiple devices in one package:

  • Panel of 12 multi-function programmable LCD keys (ScreenKeys) for keyboard input
  • 37 configurable keys for dedicated keyboard input (e.g. Total, numeric keys, Clear, etc)
  • Two line operator display (large font)
  • Two track magnetic card reader (MCR)
  • Five position keylock (modelock)
  • Scrollable multi-line line transaction display area (12 lines visible)
  • Pop-up single line display (large font) for flash messages to the operator

The fixed key area is completely flexible and can be configured as desired using any number of singles, doubles and quad keys.

The ability to assign important functions (e.g. Total, Enter, etc.) to quad and double keys simplifies the keyboard interface and significantly reduces operator keying errors.

Information Display Capabilities

A large panel LCD display is included in the console and offers many benefits. ScreenKey POS large LCD display

The LCD display panel is divided into two sections:

  • 2 line operator display (large font)
  • Multi-line scrollable transaction display (small font – 12 lines visible)

The 2-line operator display directly replaces your standard 2 line pole display. The 12-line transaction display is not comparable to any existing standard POS devices. This display presents the operator with the entire contents of the order as it is being processed. The operator has the facility to review the contents of an order as it is entered and to scroll backwards and forwards.

A software interface is provided allowing special operator messages to be placed on this display, such as instructing the operator to check the signature on check, providing customer name to the operator if loyalty card in use for personal communications or greetings, suggesting the operator notify the customer of cross selling opportunities, etc. This display area provides optimum benefit in post-printing or clean receipt scenarios.