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SK-7510 IBM 4690 POS Operator Console

The SK-7510 ScreenKey POS console connects to an IBM 4690 Point-Of-Sale terminal running the IBM 4690 Operating System. The SK-7510 also operates with SurePOS units with an RS485 interface.ScreenKeys POS Supermarket lanes

ScreenKey consoles operate exactly like an IBM integrated POS keyboard, but with added functionality.

Systems integrators are provided with the necessary software tools, enabling seamless integration of the SK-7510 with IBM POS terminals.

The ScreenKey user interface is designed using a free Windows-based SAC Editor. The output SAC file is downloaded into the consoles non-volatile memory via the free 4690 user exit driver software.

The SK-7510 integrates with standard store system applications including Supermarket Application (SA), General Sales Application (GSA) and Chain Sales (CSA). The supplied user exit software is easily applied with minimal effort to other applications written in C-Basic, C, etc.

ScreenKey User Interface Design

ScreenKey Windows SAC EditorA free Windows-based SAC Editor is provided that allows you to design the ScreenKey interface offline from the application and software drivers. The SAC Editor requires no programming skills and only general Windows skills.

Using this SAC Editor, you create the text, graphics and colours to be used in the interface. You combine graphics and text to create a series of hierarchical menus and define how the menus are activated. You also specify the actions that will be taken when a key is pressed on the ScreenKey Console.  Generally this is displaying a new menu on the ScreenKeys or/and emulating the pressing of from 1 to 20 keys on the originally installed keyboard.

User Exits & Application Integration

There are two steps to integrating the SK-7510 with an IBM 4690 sales application:

  • enable SAC file download to SK-7510 (essential)
  • enable API interface to SK-7510 to provide access to transaction display area (optional)

SK Interfaces provide a set of library modules for the IBM 4690 Operating System to perform these tasks. Example user exit code is also provided that demonstrates how to use these library functions to integrate the above tasks into your sales application.

A single library function is called to “update the keyboard”. This function checks the status of existing downloaded files and updates these if necessary in the non-volatile memory of the ScreenKey console.

Various API commands are provided to allow more dynamic control of the SK-7510. This includes specifying a particular menu to display, methods for sending operator messages and how to manage the transaction display area.

See ScreenKey POS Hints & Tips for examples and more information on how to make use of the API and what possibilities are provided by ScreenKey technology in Pos environments.