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SK-7000 Open-Systems POS Operator Console

The ScreenKey SK-7000 Open-Systems Operator Console connects to an Open-Systems Point of Sale terminal running on a Windows Operating System, via a powered RS232 ScreenKeys POS Supermarket lanesserial port.  A special power bracket is available to access the internal power of the POS computer if powered RS232 is not available.

Integration with sales applications is achieved using one of the supplied ScreenKey drivers.

The ScreenKey user interface is designed using a free Windows-based SAC Editor. The output SAC file is used by the open-systems drivers to implement the user interface on the console.

ScreenKey User Interface Design

A free Windows-based SAC Editor is provided that allows you to design the ScreenKey interface offline from the application and software drivers.

ScreenKey Windows SAC EditorUsing this SAC Editor, you create the text, graphics and colours to be used in the interface.  You combine graphics and text to create a series of hierarchical menus and define how the menus are activated. You also specify the actions that will be taken when a key is pressed on the ScreenKey Console.  Generally this is displaying a new menu on the ScreenKeys or/and emulating the pressing of from 1 to 20 keys on the originally installed keyboard.

Drivers & Application Integration

The SK-7000 is easily integrated with standard store system applications using the supplied free Microsoft COM (ActiveX) drivers.

Different drivers are provided depending on the level of control and programmability required:

  1. SKI ActiveX

    This low-level driver enables individual control of ScreenKeys where the graphic, text and colour of each key can be specified. Keypresses are reported to the application which decides what actions to take

  2. SAC Engine

    This is a high-level ActiveX control that manages the SK-7000 based on a specified SAC file designed externally using the SAC Editor. The SAC Engine removes the programming burden from the developer allowing time to be focused on the user interface instead of the software implementation.

  3. SAC Controller

    The SAC Controller encapsulates the SAC Engine in a standalone application. This application runs in the background and manages the SK-7000 based on the specified SAC file. The SAC Controller feeds information specified in the SAC file directly into the Windows keyboard channel. This enables the SAC Controller to be used with a third-party sales application without software change to that application.