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ScreenKey Point of Sale - Products

Screenkey POS Operator ConsolesTwo ScreenKey POS Operator Consoles are offered, one supporting the IBM4690 platform and POS applications (SK-7510) and an equivalent product supporting Windows based Open-Systems platforms (SK-7000).

The ScreenKey POS Console is primarily a multi device POS keyboard replacement with significantly extended and enhanced functionality.  It includes an integrated multi-line transaction display, a 2-line operator display, 2-track card reader, 5 position modelock, a user configurable fixed key area and 12 multi-function ScreenKeys.

IBM490 Systems

The ScreenKey SK-7510 Point of Sale Operator Console supports the IBM4690 system and is connects via a RS485 interface that plugs directly into any free socket 9 or socket 4 port.

Open-systems - POS running Windows

The ScreenKeys SK-7000 Point of Sale Operator Console is designed for open-systems platforms and interfaces to the POS computer via an RS232 serial interface.  Power is supplied directly from a suitable powered-RS232 port.  Alternatively, a power bracket is available that can be used to access the internal power system in the POS computer.

Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: L458mm, H152mm, D42mm, Weight 1.9 Kilos.
Operating Temperature: Max 5C to 40C
Storage Temperature: Max -20C to 60C
Humidity: 20% to 80% relative humidity (non condensing)
Power Supply: 12V DC - 1.2 Amp Max
Display Panel: Mechanical Data:
Viewing Area 123*68 mm
Resolution 240*128 Dots
Dot Size 0.47*0.47 mm
Dot pitch 0.5*0.5 mm
Display Nav Keys: 3 Fixed Keys - scroll-up scroll-down & goto end
Fixed Keys: 37 Standard Full Travel Keyswitches Life cycle 10 million+ operations
ScreenKeys: 12 ScreenKeys in 3 x 4 Panel:
Pixel field size 16 mm x 11.2 mm
Pixel size 0.46mm to 0.66mm
Pixel matrix 32 columns x 16 rows
Lifecycle 10 million operations
Status Indicator Lights: 4 Red LED indicators
Beeper: Programmed for tone and volume high or low
Keylock: 5 position keylock with 4 keys
Credit Card Reader: 2 Track Reader fitted - Tracks 1 & 2
Memory Backup: 72 hours typical
Diagnostics: A complete set of diagnostic routines are built in. These allow full off-line testing of the Display Panel, Keys, ScreenKeys, Keylock, Beeper, MCR and status lights. The address of the unit is also adjustable through the diagnostics and will be held in the onboard EEProm.
SK-7000 Powered RS232 9-pin D-sub (female)
SK-7510 4-way SDL Amp type plug key of A Cable 4 metre length