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ScreenKeys - Typical Uses & Markets

Screenkeys programmable LCD key switches are currently used in a wide variety of products ranging across a wide array of industries.

Media and Broadcasting Production

Consoles that incorporate ScreenKeys are ideal in TV broadcast systems, Audio/Video production, Production Studios, transmission centres and Outside Broadcasting (OB) Vans as an interaction and feedback interface.


The convergence of voice, video and data into one network has the potential to drive major changes, beyond the conventional dual network approach. ScreenKeys programmable LCD keys have been very successful in managing this process. ScreenKeys are widely used in phone systems, intercom systems, PA systems and Air Traffic Control systems.

Point-of-Sale / Hospitality

ScreenKeys are suitable for any Point-of-Sale or hospitality application offering greater flexibility and functionality than traditional solutions. Click here to see the ScreenKey Point-of-Sale product range (SK-7510 and SK-7000 ScreenKey operator consoles) offered by SK Interfaces Ltd.

Process Control

The nature of process control and industrial control systems requires an operator interface to be rugged, intuitive, small, and withstand adverse climate conditions. ScreenKey programmable LCD key technology is the perfect solution for faster and more reliable process control for operators in engineering environments and industries.

Defense Industry

ScreenKeys are ideal for the new generation of digital command, control and communications (C3) consoles. SK Interfaces Ltd works closely with leading Defense Contractors to develop custom control panels using commercial of-the-shelf ScreenKeys in the Defense, Military, Naval and Aerospace industries.

Financial Services / Stock Traders

ScreenKeys provide benefits to financial system integrators in trading keyboards, day-trading systems, phone turrets and multi-line speaker systems.

Automotive Industry

ScreenKeys are multifunctional, allowing for the reduction in the number of dashboard controls required. This makes ScreenKey technology an attractive feature for Vehicle Interior designers. ScreenKeys enhance console design and ergonomics and support an increasing numbers of telematics and infotainment systems.