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What Are Screenkeys?

ScreenKeys are programmable LCD key switches with an integrated graphical LCD display and multi-coloured LED backlighting mounted on a push button switch mechanism.

The LCD display allows the LCD Key operation to be extremely dynamic. ScreenKeys change function and display instant changes of text, graphics or animation under software control.

Multi-coloured LED backlighting improves the man-machine interface through the use of dynamic backlight colour-coding to signify specific states.

The Benefit of using ScreenKeys

ScreenKeys add benefit by simplifying a man-machine interface. This is provided by displaying dynamic text or graphic prompts on the LCD key switch to the operator.

ScreenKey technology is suited to a wide variety of industries and applications - a must for any product requiring a user interface.

By their very design, our ScreenKey LCD key switches reduce the number of key switches required in a console to implement the user interface thus minimizing panel real estate.
ScreenKeys - programmable LCD Key switches

ScreenKeys can be used to simply and quickly drill down through layers of options, commands or menus.

Regardless of where you are in a process, only the relevant options valid at that stage are displayed on the LCD key. This improves operator efficiency and minimising keying errors by simplifying and improving complex key sequences.

After each key press, each or all of the ScreenKey LCD keys can be quickly refreshed with a new text or graphic.

A simple demonstration of ScreenKey LCD Key technology can be accessed here.